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Video: True Love

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New Album is out now!

Eivør's newest album "Room", her eighth studio album is out now in Iceland and Faroe Islands! If you leave abroad, you can purchase the album on TUTL.

Room will be released on Denmark on September 17 as well as on iTunes. Her "Room", a slight different work when compared to her previous album Larva which presented us a more eletronic and plugged album, Room is a return to Eivør's earlier work due to its more unplugged appeal and in a more intimate way,presented in 10 songs in English, taking "Larva" to its next stage of a cocoon.

According to her Official Website on Room "we get closer to Eivør than ever before. The songs are inspired by her childhood, love, upheaval and the empty space left in our hearts when we loose a beloved one. Several of the songs were written just over a year ago when Eivør suddenly and unexpectedly lost her father, and this has left its mark on her music. A deep sense of loss characterizes the songs, but at the same time the songs are also full of hope, light and acceptance. The album is produced by Eivør and her husband Tróndur Bogason. Together they have managed to join elements from her earlier more folky albums with the more electronic universe, which was part of Larva, into a new unique sound. The result is a piece of work which has been well worked through and is permeated by soul and personality".

The photoshoot for the album artwork is by Heiðrik á Heygum and it was shot in a private room in Copenhagen some months ago.

Along with the newest release Eivør will be playing some concerts in Iceland, Denmark, Switzerland and the Faroe Islands, where she will focus mainly on showcasing her new songs.

Tourdates All tour dates for Aug/Sep.


18 Aug. Menningarnótt/Reykjavík (solo)

24 Aug. Geiran/Sauðakrókur (trio)

25 Aug. Græni hatturin/Akureyri (trio)

26 Aug. Græni hatturin/Akureyri (trio)

28 Aug. Sjóræningahúsið/Patriksfjørður (trio)

31 Aug. Harpa(Silfurberg)/Reykjavík (full band release concert)


06 Sep. Grabenhalle/Unterer Graben 17,St. Gallen (duo)

07 Sep. Bierhalle/Hauptstrasse 42, Balgach (duo)

08 Sep. Musik Hug/St. Gallen (duo)

08 Sep. Kulturhaus Rose/Stein (AR) (duo)

Faroe Islands:

13 Sep. Tøting/Gøta (full band release concert)

15 Sep. Nordic House/Tórshavn (full band release concert)


28 Sep. Industrien/Aarup (full band release concert)

29 Sep. Århus Musikhus/Århus (full band release concert)

30 Sep. DR Musikhus/Copenhagen (full band release concert)

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