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Little Monster: a story about a boy who learns to love his little sister

Eivør composed the music for the Icelandic poppet theatre entitled Little Monster that had its premiere on last 4th February.

The plot deals with the relationship between siblings in an intimate and interactive visual for children (4 - 7 years old), musical, puppet and shadow theatre performance for one actress. The aim is to use as few words as possible but let the music and the visual language lead us through the story.

Charlotte Böving, Denmark, director
Eivør Pálsdóttir, Faroe Islands, composer.
Helga Arnalds, Iceland, author, designer, actress.
Páll Guðmundsson, designer and maker of musical instruments

The “Little Monster” will be a solo performance played by Helga Arnalds who will invite the audience into a white paper-world. The paper will gradually come alive and transform into creatures that present the story. The main character is a boy who just got a little sister. The boy soon finds out that the little sister is not a real baby, but a monster who wants to eat his mother up - and perhaps his whole world. One day his parents have disappeared and the little monster sits smiling happily on the floor and burps loudly. The boy goes on a long journey to find help to get his parents back from his sisters stomach. A journey where he comes across the Dragon, the Ice Queen and the ever Weeping Woman. A journey that forces him to connect with his sister and in the end he has fallen in love with that little monster.
The story will be told with paper, shadows, music and the magic tricks of the theatre.

You can listen to two songs featured in Little Monster, "Hlusta nú" and "Skrímslið litla systir mín" by clicking HERE. (Quicktime player is required)

Via: tiufingur.is

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