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Eivør Live @ Urkult 2010, Sverige Radio Transmission

Photo by Sadan Ekdemir

As posted earlier, Eivør played live last August at Urkult 2010, a folk Festival in Sweden. That concert was broadcasted in Sweden on Sverige Radio and you can listen to the entire Eivør concert by clicking HERE.

It is a one hour and a half transmission featuring the Swedish folk rock band Den Fule at the first part (Check out their myspace) and Eivør at the second part of the program wich starts around 00:51:31 and lasts about 40 minutes.

This is a great oportunity to everyone who didn't attend to a concert of Eivør's before to feel the unique and intensive vibrations that surround her performances live on the stage and also to the ones who have already experienced it! Enjoy!

Urkult 2010 Setlist:

01. So Close To Being Free
02. Nú Brennur Tú Í Mær
03. Trøllabundin
04. Waves And The Wind
05. Is It Cold Outside
06. Hounds Of Love
07. Wall Of Silence

* songs 01¹, 04, 05, 06 & 07 from her latest album, Larva.
* song 02 from her album Krákan.
* song 03 from her album Eivør.

¹So Close To being Free was only released in the Faroese Version of Larva (TUTL) and in the Icelandic Version (Sena Records).

At last but not least, special thanks to turbidblue88 for letting us know!

6 comentários:

  1. Fantastic, great program :-) Tack så mycket!

  2. 'So close to being free' is also on my copy of Larva (bought in Iceland)?

  3. "Den fule" is not a bad band either, I saw them live in Stockholm a couple of years ago, great show so it's well worth a listen if you have time! =)


  4. Den Fule is a great band, totally agreed!

    And yeah, Larva bought in Iceland features So Close To being Free as both Faroese and Icelandic versions were released in March. Was your copy released by TUTL? Larva released by Copenhagen Records features the song Monster instead of So Close To Being Free. By the way the tracklist order is different and so is the cover! :)

    Thank you all for the comments!

  5. No my copy was released by Sena.

    I bought EP as well (before Larva was released) and therefore also have Monster and Mussisjuk. :)

    And thanks for this site, it's amazing! :)

  6. Mmm, I didn't know about Sena and I'll edit my post!

    And thanks for your complement! And be always welcome! :)