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Eivør & Høgni: Unplugged @ Nordiska, Zurich, December 5th

Photo by Agnes Lebeaupin

From the announcement at Nordiska Roddföreningen Zürich:

We follow the traditon of presenting great nordic artists on the small Nodiska stage under the roof. Don’t miss the double concert of Faroes artists Eivør and Høgni!

Doors: 6 pm
Show: 7 pm
Tickets: SFR. 25.-
Reservation: Peter.Wey@sf.tv

Eivør Website
Eivør Pálsdóttir grew up in Göta, Faroe Islands. All her life Eivør has felt the urge to create and perform. At the age of fifteen the young hopeful girl left school in order to dedicate all of her time to what she loved doing – writing music.

Much has changed since then. Eleven years on, five solo albums and numerous awards later, she is now a mature and experienced artist, and has become one of the brightest stars on the North Atlantic horizon. She has amazed and astonished audiences across the world with her extraordinary music and charisma.

Høgni Website
Høgni Lisberg is juxtaposition by birth. Raised in the safe hands and vigilant eyes of the 800 people island community Leirvik , he was given a set of drumsticks while his friends were sent of to Sunday school.

And he won’t bow down to no man. It’s attitude and spirituality. Høgni‘s first two albums paved a way through the Nordic countries and Europe, leading to rave reviews, national exposure and radio airplay on the Faroe Islands, Iceland, Denmark, Belgium, and Switzerland; Last year he was at Nordiska for a little showcase. Now he is back with a solo accoustic program and his new Album

Hare! Hare!

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  1. Dammit, I should have done my ski season in the alps instead of back home ;)